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Cím: Badacsonytomaj, Radnóti Miklós utca 1.

Telefon: +36 20 962 8757



Name of the owner: Széphegy-Reorg Üzletviteli Tanácsadó Kft.

Name and code of the application: VP3-4.2.2-16 Supporting the product development and resource efficiency of the winery

Name and code of the project: Winery development in Badacsony, 1817298963

Amount of the support: 21 975 733 Ft

Percent of the support: 50,00%

Sort introduce of the project: The goal of the project is to create a start-up winery (Széphegy-Reorg Üzletviteli Tanácsadó Kft.) at Badacsony, In addition to renovating existing buildings and infrastructure investments (fence, spacecraft), winery-related assets will be purchased through the project. At the same time, a modern, solar-powered renewable energy system will be built. 

Finishing date of the project: 2018.12.31.

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